Liturgical Celebrations

May Crowning In Chapel

As a Diocesan Shrine, the Shrine of St. Anthony offers Liturgical programs that are spiritually beneficial.  We offer Mass daily at 12 noon.  Every month, we offer a Healing Mass on the first Friday at 7:30 p.m. and on the third and last Sundays at 12 noon.  These Masses are always grace-filled opportunities to be prayed with after the Eucharistic liturgy.  Much preparation goes into making Holy Week as meaningful as possible befitting the holiest of days in the Catholic Church calendar.  That also goes for our Easter and Christmas Vigil Masses.

We offer a weekly Novena to St. Anthony every Tuesday at the conclusion of the noon Mass. Our Advent and Lenten Day of Prayer are a perfect way to enter into these sacred seasons. We have 1st Saturday devotions to the Blessed Mother which touch the hearts of all who participate.

Liturgies we offer:

  • New Year’s Eve Prayer Vigil
  • St. Anthony Novena
  • Lenten and Advent Day of Prayer
  • Holy Week Services
  • Easter and Christmas Vigil Masses
  • Pre-Thanksgiving Liturgy
  • 1st Saturday Devotions to the Blessed Mother
  • Healing Masses