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Event Title: Novena to St. Anthony (Messenger of Mercy) Week #11
Event Date & Time: March 19, 2019 at end of Mass
Location: Shrine Chapel
Description: Please join us today as we pray the Novena to St. Anthony following the noon Mass. There are thirteen invocations of St. Anthony. Each Tuesday we pray the petition for the particular week.

Week #11: St. Anthony - Messenger of Mercy

Recite together:
Anthony, through your teaching and preaching you bore witness to the loving presence of God in all of creation. Now that you have come into the fullness of the kingdom, pray for us that our lives might also proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all humanity.

Leader: Pray for us, St. Anthony.
All: Help us become worthy of the promises of Christ.
Leader: Let us pray.
Almighty, eternal God, you have given your people St. Anthony as an outstanding preacher and intercessor in times of need. Grant that with his help we may follow the example of Christian living and experience your support in all adversities. Amen.

Recite the petition for the particular week:
St. Anthony - Messenger of Mercy - help us find the resolve to forgive our enemies as Christ forgives us. (Pause)

Recite together:
St. Anthony, you raised your voice in praise of God and led others to acclaim His name. Instill in me that same spirit of awe and reverence for the God who loves us forever and ever. Amen.

Leader: Let us pray.
O God, may you be glorified by our companionship with St. Anthony, the friar, priest, and doctor of the Gospels. Through the thirteen weeks of prayer, may we be renewed in faith, hope, and charity. We ask this with confident trust that through the intercession of St. Anthony, you will bring us to the rewards of eternal life promised by Christ our Lord. Amen.
Comments/Materials: None Required
Registration Required: No
Cost: Free