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Dear Friends of the Shrine of St. Anthony,

Happy Advent!

We have all seen and heard the slogan "Keep Christ in Christmas." Maybe a new slogan can be to "keep expectation in Advent!" Each year the Church gives us four weeks (this year it is a bit shorter) to prepare for Christmas 2017 as well as the time the Lord will return for His final visit -the month, day, and hour we do not know. We need to always be ready for that final arrival. Can we take what we already are doing to prepare for this Christmas and look at the activities from a different perspective so that if and when the Lord comes He will find us ready? Why don't we shop, not till we drop, but shop for the gift we will give a loved one that will reflect the gift of the Savior from the Father to us. Writing our cards can echo the Word who came to live among us. The lights we hang on the tree and our homes can mirror the Light who has come into the darkness of our world.

The Shrine has many different events during this Advent season to help us prepare. May this Advent be truly a time of great expectation as we await the Lord - Emmanuel - Christ among us!


Fr. Michael E. Heine, OFM Conv.
Director of The Shrine of St. Anthony and Carrollton Hall

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Upcoming Events

Shrine Gift Shop, open Monday through Saturday 9am.-4pm., Sunday 1pm.-4pm.


Greccio Living Nativity, Saturday December 16th, 7:30pm. at the Red Barn

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Mass Schedule New Year's Eve Adoration 9pm. in the Shrine Chapel, followed by Mass at 10pm.



Our Daily Schedule

MASS: 12:00 noon, every day of the week
CONFESSION: 11:30am, Monday-Friday & Saturday
                          4:00pm-5:00pm on Wednesday

GIFT SHOP hours: 9:00am-4:00pm Mon-Sat
                               1:00pm-4:00pm on Sunday

The Shrine Chapel and the grounds are open daily 9am-5pm. All are Welcome!
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St. Anthony and The Donkey (EWTN)



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