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Dear Friends of The Shrine of St. Anthony,

When I came to the Shrine of St. Anthony at the end of July to begin my new ministry as Shrine director, I could not help but wonder at the kinds of surprises and adventure that must await me there. For one, I've known this place as loved by many not only for its important devotion to the great miracle-worker of Padua, but also for the spiritual renewal it offers through healing, reconciliation, and works of peace and justice. Such awesome reputation of the Shrine, as I quickly understood within the short time of living here, is truly at the heart of its mission. The Shrine of St. Anthony is undoubtedly a sacred ground. It is hollowed by the countless pilgrims who've come here to seek God, find mercy and forgiveness, and be inspired to live the Gospel which St. Anthony tirelessly preached through word and deed.

The Shrine continues to amaze me even as I become more familiar with its daily rhythm. I can say that it is a beehive of goodness. It buzzes with the prayers offered here by the friars and pilgrims during Mass and special moments of devotion. Our numerous volunteer are like worker bees who continuously come in and out to give assistance whether at the kitchen, the dining room, or the sacristy to ensure that our pilgrims are taken care of very well. We even have volunteers who knit shawls that are interlaced with prayers for the homebound and the sick, and prayer partners who generously intercede for the petitions that were sent to the Shrine. There seems to be a consistent wave of people wanting to give-back and do something special everyday and the end-result of this beehive of goodness is the pure honey of self-dedication that is pleasing to God. This makes sense why many visitors say that they find a palpable sense of peace in this place-a sure sign of the presence of God!

As another season comes upon us, when leaves turn into the blazing shades of autumn, I pray that you may also find an abundance of grace through the ministry we offer at the Shrine. May it overflow to everyone who come here in faith including those who can only follow us from a distance. I know that our friend St. Anthony will continue to watch over us at all times and affirm to us the goodness of God-despite the hardships and trials that we face individually and collectively. Be assured of our continued prayers for you.

Peace and all good,

Father Eric de la Pena, OFM Conv.



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Back to School Mass, Tuesday September 18, 6:30pm., followed by an Ice Cream Social. Bring backpacks & school supplies for blessing!


Blessing of Animals, Sunday September 30th, 2pm., on the Shrine piazza in front of the building

Last Sunday of the Month Healing Mass, Sunday September 30th , 12 noon   Tranistus of St. Francis of Assisi, Wednesday October 3rd, 7:15pm., followed by a candlelight procession & blessing of the relic of St. Francis



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