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Dear Friends of The Shrine of St. Anthony,

Miracle-Worker is the usual word that describes St. Anthony. This appellation was not just a posthumous honor given to him by his devotees when he was canonized in 1232, just less that a year after he died, but a real recognition of his spiritual powers even while he lived and preached God's Word among the people. As the apostles and prophets performed signs and wonders in biblical times, so too did St. Anthony during his lifetime which came as a result of his great love for God and the profound compassion he had toward the poor and suffering. St. Anthony taught us by word and example that love is truly capable of doing great feats just to obtain whatever love desires.

Here at the Shrine of St. Anthony, people still recognize the Saint as the Miracle-Worker. We continue to receive grateful letters and stories from his clients whose prayers were answered. Many may not be aware but the interesting aspect to this answered prayer is how St. Anthony has shared his ability of working miracles to those others who now serve at our Shrine ministry. The petitions asked for by devotees and pilgrims are certainly doubly prayed for, if not more, by our prayer partners, volunteers, Shrine staff, and Friars. In a word, it is not just St. Anthony making the intercession by himself, but many of his friends too at the Shrine! We storm heaven with incessant prayers on behalf of those who've asked us to remember them, thus living out the word from Scripture which says, "You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us in answer to many prayers." (2 Cor. 1:11)

As the month of October begins-the month of the Holy Rosary, we remember once again of our need to pray-not just for ourselves but also for others. It is in this spirit that I'm inviting you to join us in bringing St. Anthony's message of hope to the world: that prayer works and love obtains.

God bless you,

Father Eric de la Pena, OFM Conv.



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